Release Date : Fri, Mar 01, 2013

Review By : Komal Nahta

Star rating: 1

Business rating: 1

Reliance Entertainment, Pollen Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and Rose Movies' I, Me Aur Main (UA) is the story of a self-obsessed and selfish young man, Ishaan Sabharwal (John Abraham). As a child, he used to be the blue-eyed child of his mother (Zarina Wahab). In fact, his mother and elder sister, Shivani, used to always shield him and cover up his mistakes in his childhood. That is why Ishaan has grown up to be the man he is.

Ishaan, who works as a music producer in a music company, is in a live-in relationship with Anushka (Chitrangda Singh) who had been introduced to him by sister Shivani (Mini Mathur). Anushka loves Ishaan very much but is also aware that he is just too selfish. Finally, one day, Anushka throws Ishaan out of her house because she realises that she can't take his self-centred nature any more. Shivani sympathises with her friend as she is also aware of her brother's shortcomings.

Ishaan rents a new house and finds a friendly neighbour in Gauri Dandekar (Prachi Desai), a stylist. The two fall in love. On the professional front, Ishaan is thrown out of the company by Beena (Raima Sen), a new recruit, because their ideas about new talent don't match. Gauri encourages Ishaan to go by his instincts and launch Amala (Sheena Shahabadi), the talent he finds promising.

Here, Anushka realises that she is pregnant with Ishaan's child and tells this to Shivani who wants to inform Ishaan.

Does Ishaan get to know that Anushka is pregnant with his child? Is it really Ishaan's child? Or is it the child of Anushka and her new friend, Agastya (Samir Soni)? Does Ishaan return to Anushka? Does Anushka accept him back? What happens to Gauri?

Devika Bhagat's script (with inputs by Juhi Chaturvedi) is very poor, with sensibilities that don't match those of the masses in India. It may be modern but the ending is so unconventional that the Indian audience will not be able to digest it. The affair between Ishaan and Gauri seems hurried and frivolous. The entire track of Anushka after her pregnancy has been treated in such an unusual fashion that it would irritate the orthodox audience while not even going down well with a large chunk of the modern audience. The track of Ishaan's mother leaving her father is an unnecessary add-on. Frankly, Devika Bhagat's story and screenplay look like they've been written for a television show because the drama is skeletal and logic has been thrown to the winds. In fact, even TV shows are far more content-rich than the film. The characters are not even sketched out properly. Besides, Ishaan almost looks like a loser and a hopeless one at that. Perhaps, the worst part of the film is that in spite of being a drama about relationships, it simply does not touch the viewers as they feel for nobody at all. Dialogues, also penned by Devika Bhagat, are good at places only.

John Abraham does an ordinary job and seems to be quite disinterested in the proceedings. He has not even looked the handsome hunk he usually looks. Chitrangda Singh is earnest but will fail to get the audience's sympathy because of her un-Indian character, traditionally speaking. Prachi Desai does a fair job but suffers on account of the weak script. Mini Mathur leaves her mark with a wonderfully natural performance. Zarina Wahab acts with effortless ease. Samir Soni has hardly anything to do. Raima Sen is effective and makes her presence felt. Sheena Shahabadi gets her expressions right.

Kapil Sharma's direction, limited as it is by the shoddy script, is routine and lacks the spark. Music (Gourav Dasgupta, Falak and Sachin-Jigar) is a mixed bag. The 'Saajna' (Falak) song is very good while a couple of others are fairly appealing. Lyrics (Mayur Puri, Manthan, Neelesh Misra, Falak and Kausar Munir) are okay. Choreo­graphy (Rajeev Surti and Ahmed Khan) is ordinary. Himman Dhamija and Anshuman Mahaley's camerawork is alright. Sets (Aparna Raina) are fair. Ranjeet Bahadur's editing leaves something to be desired.

On the whole, I, Me Aur Main is a dull show and is meant for a section of the city audience only. It can hope to do okay business in some multiplexes only. Its modest budget on the one hand and its recovery in the satellite rights account on the other are the best things to have happened to the film. Yet, profitabiltiy seems to be a distant dream.



Plus points:

  1. Fast-paced film
  2. 'Saajna' song is good

Minus points:

  1. Lack of proper characterisations
  2. Ordinary acting
  3. Hurried drama
  4. Too modern in thought; unconventional ending