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Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Fan To Have A Surprise In Store For All Fans!

One of the most awaited films of the year, Fan, whose promotions have taken over social media almost completely, has a surprise element to it. Rumours say that the team of Fan after a lot of research have deducted conclusions about the choices of King Khan’s crazy fans!

The team has gone through SRK’S films over a period of time and the costume department has created similar clothes for Shah Rukh’s character, Gaurav, in the film Fan. His character will be seen wearing clothes that he has worn in his earlier films. And when they say earlier films it does not restrict to films he is famous for or just the popular ones, they include lesser known ones.

According to the grapevine, in the second teaser of the film which is out, the character of Gaurav can be seen wearing the same shirt which SRK wore in Trimurti. By now it must not be unknown to most that, Fan has Shah Rukh Khan in a double role - that of superstar Aryan Khan and his ardent fan Gaurav.

The first two teasers of the film have found tremendous appreciation from the audience and the trailer of the film is expected to be launched in early February.

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