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Rakhi Sawant Suggests The Most Bizzare Solution To Future Suicides After Pratyusha Banerjee Case

After renowned TV actress, Pratyusha Banerjee’s death, Rakhi Sawant voiced her opinion in the media in a press conference.

She blamed Pratyusha’s boyfriend Rahul Raj guilty of Pratyusha’s suicide, which Rakhi predominantly said was murder.

The actor who didn’t make much sense in the beginning, added another stupid comment with respect to suicides. She said all houses are to be devoid of ceiling fans if we need less suicide attempts to follow in our country.

She mentioned that instead of being patriotic and trying to save the nation, it is vital to save the women of our country.

Well, Rakhi, we are glad you took a stand against suicide attempts, just that your ways are different and more in the public than they are supposed to be.