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A More Talented Angel Than Taher Shah, You Might've Missed Out On!

Everybody knows Taher Shah. Whether we want to know him or we do not. He is just EVERYWHERE.

And so since we have all planned to make a lot of ‘not so worthy’ things popular, we would like to add to the list of your troubles by introducing another singer just as good as Taher Shah.

With Taher Shah’s new album titled Angel coming out, a few disturbing memories from the past came to our minds which forced us to disturb you all.

Hold your breaths people, while we present to you Bhim Niroula and his amazing song, Sunday Morning Love You.

The guy you just saw was invited to London to perform the same ON STAGE.

We fail to understand how do these guys have friends…or a family. What a great time to be alive. *face palm*