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Akshay Kumar's Thoughts On The Airlift Flag Scene Sways Your Heart

Airlift’s finest actors, Akshay Kumarand Nimrat Kaur bagged the National Award Winning Wardi performances. The spectacular flag hoisted scene at the Amaan Ebassy, grips the audience. The way the flag is being hoisted is one of the beautiful moments presented in Airlift. In a recent interview, Akshay Kumar expressed his respect towards the Tiranga; ‘Hamara Jhanda Tiranga Woh Logon Ke Andar Yeh Kaam Kar Leta Hai. In theatres too, when we stand for our National Anthem, automatically our posture is straight. Suddenly, your thoughts go in a different place, actually you the feel goosebumps coming up! I look at everybody in the theatre, there something happens, Tiranga does something to you automatically.’

Highlighting their latest film, Akshay is thankful to the audience and people, the way they have responded to the film. Due to this, his mobile phone is full of genuine praises and surprised to receive compliments from unknown numbers, military officers, IPS officers, custom officers. He feels proud to be a part of this film. While Nimrat shared her attachment towards the story and tried her best to play her part in her most effective way. She ends up complimenting Akshay, ‘Akshay’s work in it, makes all of us look good. Honestly, he has done a fabulous job.’

To the fact, Airlift is absolutely devoid of any drama right till the last frame. If the Indian Flag in Shah Rukh Khan-starrer, Chak De India arouses tearful emotions of joy, pride and redemption, the same flag in Airlift is bound to bring a similar lump to the throat. Airlift remains thoroughly real with a believable story along with lead actor’s phenomenal impactful performances. 

What did you think of this film? If you haven’t watched it yet, we urge you to do that soon! Until then, read what our in-house reviewer has to say about the film.