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8 Dialogues From Azhar's Trailer That Gave Us Goosebumps

Mumbai, April 5th, 2016: The recently released trailer of the much awaited film Azhar was truly worth the wait! The trailer gives audiences a glimpse into Mohammad Azharuddin’s journey from being the most celebrated batsman to the most controversial figure in Indian cricket history. Here are 8 hair-raising dialogues from the trailer that will totally give you goosebumps:-

1.) “Azhar ne apne team ko, apne desh ko, apne hazaron fans ko dhokha diya ha

The accusations are hurled by Lara Dutta’s character against Azhar, as Emraan is seen walking through the pavilion onto the field to loud cheers of the crowd. 

2.) “Kitne mein bech diya desh ko Azhar?”

The series of montages of the mob and media gatherings surrounding Azhar’s match fixing scandal is definitely a scene you will go back to watch again!

3.) “Tere ko jawab bolke nahi, khel ke dena, Tu muh se bolega toh kuch hi loga sunenge, balla bolega toh poori duniya ko sun na padenga

The epic entry of Emraan Hashmi doing the Azhar walk as he gets onto the field overplayed by the wisdom words from his beloved nanu jaan who was his inspiration and huge reason behind being a cricketer.

4) “Lagta hai aap bhul gaye bade bhai, mere naam main hi Mohammad hai

Azhar’s befitting response to a Pakistani cricketer saying “Hamari taraf aaja, Allah hamare saath hai’’ The dialogue has become one of the highlights of the trailer.

5) “I would like to dedicate this award to someone very special, Sangeet this award is for you

When Azhar dedicates his win to his girlfriend Sangeeta, Prachi Desai AKA Naureen’s emotional response to watch her husband dedicate a win to another woman is surely worth a watch!

6) “Sau sahi kaam kar lo koi yaad nahi rakhta, ek galat ilzaam aur sabne bhula diya

How one day changed the life of this celebrated cricketer completely. This dialogue definitely makes you want to see how the movie explores Azhar’s side of the scandal

7) “India ke haar ki keemat kitni hai”

Absolutely an astonishing moment when the man himself spurts out the taboo words, as an audience it makes you really wonder, did he? Like really did he or did he not throw away the match. Why would he ask this question and it totally peaks the curiosity levels as this is THE question everyone is seeking the answer to.

8) “Logon ko pata chalna chahiye ki cricket ke naam pe kya kya hota hai”

And lastly, the dialogue that raises a million questions about the game which is a religion in our country!