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Ashish Bhandari and Vineeta Dwivedi - Meet The Pioneers Of Digital Cinema In India

With technology making rapid strides in every sphere of life, it was only a matter of time before it made its way into cinema. This digitalization of cinema has now become a phenomenon that is changing the way films are viewed in India.


On this interesting episode of Bollywood Business, we introduce two pioneers who are leading the digital distribution revolution in India with their joint venture. Ashish Bhandari, Managing Director, United Mediaworks and Vineeta Dwivedi, CEO K Sera Sera Digital Cinema, offer insights into a variety of intriguing aspects unknown to most cinema goers.


Ashish and Vineet explain the difference between cinema two decades ago and today, how they reduce costs and hassles of distributing a film. They also reveal the problems faced in the film industry today, and how they are looking to tackle the problem with their newfound joint venture.